Fast Estimates

 A huge part of starting a project is understanding all associated fees and costs. We can typically help you get an understanding of our fee within 2 business days. To understand other professional fees and construction costs, we recommend a consultation with one of our Architects.
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Free Initial Consultation

We’d love to hear about your project and provide our advice. We have consultation options to have one of our Architects come to your home, or chat with you at our 'Cafe'. Our architects are happy to share their knowledge to help you reach your goals. Once we’ve met with you for your initial consultation, we can either finalize our estimate or schedule an in-home follow up if needed.

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Clear & Transparent Proposals

Working with an architect is a new process for many homeowners, and much of the terminology in a typical architecture proposal can look like greek. Our proposals clearly outline what you'll get from us, and make the services easy to understand. We also list optional a-la-carte services, further providing you with ways to tailor our services to best meet your needs.

Fixed Fees

Your project is a major expense. We realize that financial planning isn’t always easy. Many architects charge by the hour, which can get out of hand quickly. We can provide you with a fixed fee for our services in most instances, so you won’t have to worry about design overages or guessing at how much you’ll need to budget.

Team Building

Other professionals are sometimes needed during the design process, such as a structural engineer or a licensed land surveyor. We can provide you with the right contacts to build a great team for your project. Once our job is done, we can recommend contractors as well.