Kitchen Remodel in a Berkeley Bungalow

While the existing kitchen and dining room in this Berkeley home had plenty of space, the partition between the two rooms made the dining area much too large - while stifling the kitchen. Removing the partition allowed the kitchen to take over space it desparately needed. We're proud that our client broke the mold and did not require the sink below a window. Instead, they preferred the idea of socializing over birdwatching and put the sink on the peninsula overlooking the dining room. The bar on the peninsula hides any mess that might accumulate around the sink, while convenient as well for serving hors dourves to guests (or cheerios to children).

We also added double french doors out to a new deck, which are changes that always nice to make during a kitchen remodel. In California, a deck or patio is like an additional free living room, and combining projects can save money in the end.