Interior Design

Church Street Kitchen 0067 web resized 600With many drafting services and architectural design offices, interior design is not included and homeowners are left to their own resources to select finishes and cabinets. Not only is it a big task, but it often creates confusion for bidding contractors as well.

Our job is to solve problems for our clients - not create them. Therefore, we've partnered with Sway Studio Interior Design to provide our clients with a full-service approach. By having the materials all selected up front, the unknowns of your project are minimized and contractors have more confidence in providing their bids. Sway Studio's exclusive interior design packages are provided directly through Drafting Cafe, so there's no additional coordination required.

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Furthermore, Drafting Cafe has always provided our clients with thoughful, smart kitchen layouts. However, we now also offer cabinet system design with our own line of semi-custom cabinets. Read more about our cabinets here.