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Home Remodel Drawing Tools YOU Can Use

Drawing tools - sketchingYou don't have to be an architect or an artist to be able to communicate your design ideas to your team.  Simple home remodel drawing tools and programs are available to help you get a clear idea of what you want, what it will look like and how to actually translate it to your space.

Ready to get creative?  Check out the four drawing tools below:

Pencil & paper

This is a given, but definitely the best way to start visualing your ideas and dream designs.  Don't think you're strong enough at drawing to show on paper what's inside your head?  Just try!  Even simple outlines can help you share your vision with your team.

Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup is a free downloadable program billed as "The easiest way to draw in 3D".  While it's used by architects, designers and engineers, it's user-friendly interface helps beginners get a grasp on the design process and use themselves. The tools are easy to use and the program offers several tutorials, videos and tips for creating your own designs.


Homestyler is another free software that allows you to design 2D and 3D floor plans (with drag and drop rooms, doors and windows), play around with real-world products and visualize your home remodel.  You can also download the Homestyler app for taking your creations with you and designing on the go.


PadCAD is a CAD (computer-aided design) application for the iPad ($17.99) geared toward home remodling and addition projects.  The app is designed to be easy to use with intuitive, finger-based drawing, several exporting options and the ability to associate real photos (taken with your iPad's camera) with your drawings. 


Have you used any of these programs before?  What worked best for you?


**Photo Credit: Creative Commons (Sketch by Lauren Manning)**

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