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Oakland Kitchen Remodel in Rockridge

Oakland kitchen remodel

Our latest Oakland kitchen remodel in the Rockridge district had been ‘remodeled’ by the previous owner before going on the market. Despite a large amount of square footage in the kitchen, there were major shortfalls: the sink and counter area had been shoved into a small nook; the laundry room took up a big chunk of usable space; and there was little connection to the backyard and wonderful deck.

In order to maximize the open feel of the kitchen and capture a view of the backyard, our client opted for the laundry to live under the counter in the kitchen (trumpeted by some as 'very European' of them). Completely deleting the laundry room out of the corner brought in tons of light from the South and West facing windows. This also afforded them enough room for a luxuriously large island, and erased the awkward flow to the outdoors.

Like many kitchen remodels, our homeowners wanted some form of openness to the rest of the house. However, like many craftsman style homes, this Oakland kitchen remodel required some thought around the built-in hutches in their dining rooms. To some homeowners, these hutches are too precious to alter or remove. However, many of them were never built well to begin with, have been painted over, or are simply falling apart. In this case, there was nothing tremendously special about the hutch, so we put a pass-through window from the kitchen.

Getting a permit for a kitchen remodel in Oakland is not typically difficult, as long as the set of drawings you submit to the building department is clear and provides the correct information. In any kitchen remodel, the electrical work tends to be area of with the most scrutiny. The building department wants to see on the plans that new electrical outlets are appropriately spaced and  grounded, and that the lighting is energy efficient.

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