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Berkeley Bathroom Addition Update

bathroom addition

I dropped in to check on progress with our clients, the Osmundsons, and their bathroom addition in Berkeley today. Looking good! They’re adding a large (10′x10′) bathroom off the back of their home. Like many of our clients, they have opted to choose the finish materials on their own. It was great to see the palette coming together, with dog-eared magazines and tile samples covering their dining room table. They also decided to permit the project as ‘Owner-Builder’, which means that they did not hire a general contractor. Instead, they have hired all of the subs – foundation, framing, electrical, etc. – separately. On a simple project like this, acting as owner-builder can often make financial sense if you know enough about construction. However, owner-builder projects can take much longer, as contractors are more experienced in scheduling subs back-to-back to get things done fast.

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