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What to Prepare for Your First Meeting with Your Architect

As part of our service as residential architects in Oakland, we meet with potential clients to discuss your projects and plans (learn how you can schedule a free consultation here!).

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Meet us at Rockridge Out and About this Sunday!

Calling all Oakland friends -- we want to meet you!

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3 Things That Will Increase the Cost of an Addition

Building an addition onto your exisiting house is a great way to create more space in your home without going through the hassle and expense of buying a larger home and having to move. 

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Getting to Know Your Architecture & Building Team

When planning a home remodel for the first time, you may be surprised how many people actually become involved in your project. 

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Maximize Your Remodel

It's no secret that remodeling a house or building an addition takes a considerable amount of planning, time, finances and work. Particularly if you're remodeling a significant portion of your house, or completing an intensive project like completely revamping the kitchen, you want all the effort - and money - spent to work for your family and lifestyle as long as possible. 

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7 Websites for Remodeling and DIY Videos

Between all the websites, booksmagazines, apps and more out there on architecture, renovations and home remodeling, homeowners have more information at their fingertips than ever before when it comes to finding inspiration and learning about handling projects themselves. Now, with more and more people turning to online videos to entertain as well as educate, there are also a ton of video resources out there covering everything from remodeling tips and trends to step-by-step, how-to guides that walk you through a task or project from start to finish. Here's where to find some of our favorites:

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All You Need to Know About Building Permits in the Bay Area

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What Magazines Do Architects Read?

Do you ever wonder what magazines architects read? Are they the same rags you pick up while waiting for a flight? The answer is yes! And no. We probably read many magazines for the same reason you do - entertainment. We'll start there, and work our way deeper into our shelves to give you a peek into what we read, and why.

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Architectural Furniture and Lighting

While our primary focus at Drafting Cafe is creating space, we also enjoy the things that can fill a space. We've all got an eye for design here at Drafting Cafe, and one of our favorite online storefronts is Industry West. While some showrooms suggest that their furniture is "within reach", their price points tend to be far beyond what most of us can afford. However, the furniture at Industry West truly is affordably priced, while offering iconic furniture and unique designs that fit well with many different aesthetics.

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Our Best Design Posts for Home Remodeling

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