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Planchx Launch

Ethan Andersen, our principal architect at Drafting Cafe Architects, is proud to be launching Planchx to the world! Planchx is a new and marvelously helpful web app for anyone entering into the realm of building codes and plan checks. The app is quick and easy to use. So, what does it do? Planchx is a comprehensive plan check tool that provides all of the most relevant building codes for your project. Check it out at www.planchx.com. It’s like TSA Precheck for architectural plans.

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Vines on the Mind

The autumn season is upon us and, I don’t about you, but I am always astounded by the beauty of the leaves. Suddenly, our neighborhoods are transformed into colorful havens for crisp, rejuvenating air and crunchy walks down leaf-laden sidewalks. The many pumpkins smile, or scowl, at us from front stoops as we start craving hot apple cider and pumpkin-flavored everything. During those cozy walks, I often find myself enamored by the homes elegantly entangled in climbing vines.

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Atmosphere Psychology

ImageForArticle_14974(8)I invite you to take a moment to close your eyes and picture the places in which you find yourself on a daily or weekly basis…various rooms of your home, the sidewalks/parks in your neighborhood, your favorite coffee shop, your office/work environment, your fitness center, etc…visualize the colors, the furniture, the lighting, the height of the ceilings, the temperature, the textures, the smells, the sounds…how do you feel in those spaces? Do you feel the desire to spend more or less time in one space than another? If so, why? Psychology, the science of behavior and mind, including conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feeling and thought, is very likely involved.

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Reflections From a Camp Trailer


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Rarely See the Inside of Your Garage?

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An Oakland Cottage

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Welcoming Michael, Our Latest Team Member

It's been several months since he started with Drafting Cafe, but we're officially welcoming Michael Davisson as our new Architectural Designer in the office. Michael has 12 years of experience with residential projects with custom design, remodels, and additions. He spent several years in Santa Barbara working with a residential architect on predominantly modern homes, and moved to Puerto Rico for a stint working as the primary designer for a custom home developer. His enjoys the architecture of the 1920-30's, such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Greene & Greene. He has now settled in Oakland and has been enjoying the Bay Area. Our clients already working with Michael have been very impressed with his professionalism, design savvy, and general expertise. Welcome Michael, we're thrilled you're on our team!

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Lifting Your Home - Is There Value?

I regularly get asked about the expenses involved with lifting a home. More specifically, lifting a home in order to create a new floor below. I usually start my answer by stating, "it's the least expensive square footage you can add to your home in the Bay Area!". Of course, some homes are better candidates than others. Typically a house worth lifting is on a fairly flat lot and is long and rectangular.

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What to Prepare for Your First Meeting with Your Architect

As part of our service as residential architects in Oakland, we meet with potential clients to discuss your projects and plans (learn how you can schedule a free consultation here!).

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Meet us at Rockridge Out and About this Sunday!

Calling all Oakland friends -- we want to meet you!

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