As Built Drafting Services

Simply put, "as builts" are drawings of your home as it currently exists. We start with a measuring tape, and the resulting product is a set of drawings for your home. We provide as builts to homeowners for many different reasons, such as:

  • Visualizing and designing an addition or remodel
  • Showing existing siding details for dry rot repair
  • Interior design and furniture layouts
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Quality You Can See

Every project in our office starts with a set of as builts. If you are interested in starting a remodel project, but you'd like to see floor plans of your home before you hire someone to start the design work, as builts are a great initial investment.

as built drawing

We pride ourselves on the high quality of drafting that we do. We like to say that our drawings 'read' well. You can think of architectural drawings as a book written with a set of characters. The cleaner the drawings, the easier they will be to read. John Gidding, the architect from HGTV's hit show Curb Appeal, likes our drawings so much we actually do the drawings for his private West coast projects. Read more about the value of as built drawings in our blog post here.

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